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Year 5 – Beech Class, Maple Class and Cedar Class

Welcome to Year 5!


Our Year 5 teachers are Miss Cason, Miss Bryant and Mr Henry.

There are many websites out there at the minute that are providing FREE resources.

Some of these include:









Historical Writing Challenge:

The Historical Association are also holding a writing competition for children to enter. They have to write piece of fiction (a story) about a famous historical figure. This is a great opportunity for the children to flourish as writers! All details are outlined on the website: 


PE Challenge:

Can you create a 30 second fitness, dance or gymnastics routine at home?

This could be anything from an obstacle course in the garden using objects you can find to a dance routine to your favourite song with your family! 

Remember, stay active and share your routines with us! :) 




Year 5 Curriculum Overview