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Week 1 - 'sure' words

We have reviewed the way that we teach and assess spellings in Year 4.  We will no longer be sending spelling lists home that children will be tested on.  Instead, each week we will learn a spelling rule from the Year 4 spelling objective list.  We will send home 10 words from the appropriate word bank that we would like the children to practise reading and writing.

For example, this week we have been revising ‘sure’ words.  We would like the children to revise ‘sure’ words at home (reading and writing) and we will assess them by asking them to spell 5 from the list during Wednesday’s spelling session.  During this time we will also be assessing 5 of the Year ¾ Common Exception Words that were sent home last week.  This will give us a cumulative understanding of your child’s spelling ability rather than asking them to learn a set of words that they do not often use in any other context. 

The spelling rule we have been learning about this week is ‘sure’.  During the week we have discussed the spelling objective and explored strategies to aid our understanding of ‘sure’ words. 

The ‘sure’ words include:

  1.  Sure
  2. Ensure
  3. Unsure
  4. Treasure
  5. Pleasure
  6. Leisure
  7. Pressure
  8. Measure
  9. Reassure
  10. Enclosure