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Times Tables

Each week the children will have to learn a times table. The expectation is for all children to know their 2s, 5s and 10 times tables by the end of Year 2, including the inverse (the related division fact).  The emphasis is on rapid recall, therefore our test is 10 minutes long. We encourage children to do their best and try and beat their score each week, perhaps even by 1 point! All children have started with 'x2'. When they achieve good scores for three consecutive weeks, the children will then be given a different times table to learn. Once they are confident with multiplying we then focus on the inverse.  You will know what one they need to start learning each time it changes as it will be recorded in their times tables book. The times table test will be on Fridays.


Children can learn their times tables in a variety of ways such as:

- Saying them out loud

- Singing different songs

- Writing them down

- Playing games online (there are lots of different ones to choose from depending on your child's preferred learning style)


The vocabulary can also be changed where 'times' can be replaced with:

- Lots of

- Multiply

- Multiplied by

All children in Year 2 have been set up with an account on Times Tables Rockstars.  This is a great way to learn their times tables. Go to - Login - Enter user name and password.  If you need a copy of your child's password and login let us know via the Class Dojo and we can send it through to you..


Thank you for helping your child with this very important aspect of their mathematical development.