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If you would like some more practice with telling the time, see if the following website activities will help.


Section 1 for reading the time on an analogue clock face and recording it digitally. Section 2 will remind you about how to use am and pm.


There are 3 levels you can try in this activity. For some of the questions you have to say what the time is, but for lots of them you have to work out what the time would be later on.


Match the digital times to the analogue clock faces.


Try these website activities if you are feeling fairly confident.


Make the analogue clock show the correct time, BUT be careful! You need to know that the position of the hour hand moves slightly further round clockwise, the further the minute hand moves round.


A fun telling the time game from Oswego. First you set the hand speed, from 1 to 15. Then on the next screen you are shown a time in words and you have to hit the button to stop the clock when the hands reach the correct time.  It's really hard with the speed at its fastest setting, but not impossible!


Match the digital times to the analogue clock faces.


You can also practise matching 12hour and 24hour times using this Snap game based on 'Only Fools and Horses'! You can challenge yourself by choosing higher levels and using the timer.


If you are feeling confident with telling the time, you could try calculating time lengths.