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Summer Term Week 3 - possessive apostrophe for singular and plural words

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 4,

The spelling rule we have been revising this week is the plural possessive apostrophe. The children will need to know where to add an apostrophe to nouns which end with s (cats).

For example
The book belonging to the girl. (There is one girl)
The girl's book. (apostrophe between girl and s)

The book belonging to the girls. (more than one girl)
The girls' book. (apostrophe after the s)

On Wednesday the children will be asked to identify the focus plural word in a dictation lesson – they will then write the correct spelling and place the apostrophe correctly as part of their spelling assessment.

The dog belonging to the boys.
The boys' dog.

The children will write down boys'

You may wish to follow this video to help you.

They will complete 5 of these followed by 5 of the Year ¾ Common exception words.


Thank you for your continuing support and understanding,

Mrs Lutterloch
Year 4 Teacher