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Science week

The title of National Science Week 2017 was 'Changes'. In Year 5 we looked at climate change and global warming. We carried out two investigations.


The first investigation was to see whether sea ice or land ice had a more serious impact on sea levels. The children had: a plastic tub, play-doh, water and ice cubes, some had to put the ice-cubes in the water (Sea Ice) others had to put the ice cubes on the land (Land-Ice). As the ice cubes melted children had to measure the water level, in their container.


The second experiment involved the investigation of wind direct or wind speed. We took bubbles into the play-ground and had to follow which direct the bubbles went using a compass. An other group blew a bubble and see how long it took to 'float' 10m while timing this. They then used the distance/ time formula to work out the wind speed.


From the pictures below, you can see there was a lot of scientific discussing and they had a lot of fun!

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