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Our School Council


Here at  Harold Wood Primary School we believe all our stakeholders play an equal part in the success of our school. We believe that our pupils are our most important asset and every child, from Reception to Y6, has a chance to have their voices heard. 


We have a School Council; Two children from each class in Years 2-6 are elected by their peers to become School Communicators . Each class holds special elections in which children are invited to stand as candidates and present their reasons for wanting to stand as a Communicator. These children also form the School Communication Team and report back to their classes after each School Council Meeting. The Communication Team also help to run the Fortnightly Class Meetings, where each class has the opportunity to discuss the latest question and then vote for the option they think is best.


Our school council does an invaluable job helping the headteacher and school governors improve our school. They meet with our Character Education Lead Teacher, our parents and members of the school's governing body, to discuss issues and give their ideas and opinions on decisions we take as a school. This lends our most important stakeholders a powerful voice in how their school is managed.


The Class Meetings also identifies areas that the children would like to see improved, then work with our deputy headteacher and school governors to achieve this. The Council organise fund raising events for both school based projects and charitable organisations as well as building links with local community events.


Our Communicators are always busy thinking about all the things they can do to make our school the best it can be. Some of the things they voted on are playground equipment and PTA events.