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Reading Bands

The children all have a colour banded book they take to and from school. We encourage the children to read three times a week at home and ensure that they diaries are signed. When the children arrive at school in the mornings, one of our expectations is that they change their books if they need to and place them in the boxes 'Read' or 'Not read' within the classroom. This then allows the class T.A to check and record who has read and monitor any children forgetting to change their books.


When a child is ready to move to a new book band colour, we have assessments that the children complete. These assess whether the children can read the words but also if they can:


- Comprehend

- Make predictions

- Make inferences

- Make deductions

- Summarise key points

- Justify actions of characters

- Have an opinion about the text, characters or story line

- Link events in texts to their own experiences

- Discuss the language used and its impact

- Understand the conventions of print and different text type features