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At Harold Wood primary School we follow the Pathways curriculum which is the London Borough of Havering agreed syllabus for Religious education. The Agreed Syllabus is intended to provide the basis of effective teaching and learning to encourage children to learn from different religious beliefs, values and traditions whilst exploring their own beliefs and questions of meaning.

The table below shows an overview of the topics being taught in each year group, for each term.

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
Reception Myself and my friends Right and wrong, fairness and justice Symbolism and Rituals

Myself, my family and my friends.

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?

What does it mean to be Jewish? Belonging to the wider community
Two What do people believe about God? (Judaism) The stories that Jesus told and Easter - a Christian festival Christian worship and visiting a Church
Three Hindu worship and the festival of Diwali Special book - The Bible and origins of Christianity Faith and religious figures
Four Pilgrimage, concluding with Christian journeys Signs and symbols in religion Hinduism
Five Why is Muhammad  important to Muslims? The life of Jesus and why Easter is important to Christians The teachings of Jesus and how this affects Christians today
Six What does it mean to be a Muslim? How do people express their faiths through the arts? A time to reflect and look forward

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