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Online Safety Notice Board

Please see our Online Safety Page for more support on how to keep our young people safe online.

Online Safety


Using the internet has become part of everyday life and children are going online from a much younger age.


At Harold Wood Primary School, whilst we actively encourage children to use the internet, we also emphasise the importance of staying safe online and know that teaching children to stay safe, whilst browsing or communicating on the web is paramount. Online safety is taught through the Computing Curriculum and it is also integrated into other lessons.  We take pride in the fact that our children are very aware of how they can safe online and why it is important to behave appropriately online, just as they would do offline.


We also have a dedicated Online Safety Policy for any Online Safety issues and both the children and staff follow this policy.


We also understand the importance of supporting parents and carers to educate their children at home about online safety. Children must follow the same behaviours whilst online at home, that they do school. This page will be updated with advice, tips, useful links and websites to help parents and carers to keep their children safe online.


It will also keep them informed of the current apps and sites children are using and what they can do to keep them safe. It is important that parents encourage their children to talk to them about the internet and not discourage them from using it but rather educate them on how to use it properly and safely.

Important News


Fraudsters are targeting the children playing the hugely popular game 'Fortnite'. Please see the link below for more information and take some time to discuss the risks with your children who play it.

Please visit the website EST E Safety Training for up to date information and news about apps and games and the associated risks you can to talk to your children about.

Do you know what Apps your children are using and what they can do on them?


See the link below for the most popular apps and what to look out for:

There are many parental controls and tools to help keep your children safe whilst online.


See the link below for more information: