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Promotional Video for our Chat Room


The “Chat Room” is used throughout the day, every day, by different groups of children from Reception to Year 6; it is used for music lessons, art sessions, small group learning & social groups. In addition, it is used at lunchtimes as an area where children can go and talk to someone if they are worried about anything.


It has been such a wonderfully calm environment, where we can provide the dedicated space needed to support your children’s social and emotional well-being. Good mental health is vital for resilience, development, learning & happiness. The ‘Chat Room’ has been particularly helpful for children this academic year, as they have been able to talk to someone about the tragic event that happened to one of their friends back in September. Two Year 6 children said, ‘We would be really sad to lose the ‘Chat Room’ as that’s where we leave all our worries.’


In order to continue to provide this essential resource to the children of HWPS, we are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase a suitable external portable building. We would like your fantastic support to continue this year by attending some of the many events that the PTA are intending to hold. We will also be looking to raise funds through talking to local businesses. We will keep you informed of the progress made.