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Maths is an essential skill that is celebrated and enhanced at Harold Wood Primary School. The children receive a varied and balanced Maths curriculum which draws on every day life to prepare them for Maths in the wider world. We use Symphony to teach and assess key skills and objectives which include number, shape, spaces, measures and reasoning.



Reasoning gives maths a purpose and helps children to explain their answers and their thinking. Mathematical reasoning is justifying processes, procedures, and creating strong conceptual foundations and connections, in order for children to be able to process new information.

Reasoning moves children beyond simply memorising facts and towards thinking beyond the

rules and procedures to form their own questions.

Autumn 1


In Autumn 1 we focus on number and we learn about;

Place Value

We then look at the main four operations; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.


Autumn 2


In Autumn 2 we focus on Shape and Space and measurement in the first half.

We learn about;

2D shapes

3D shapes

Measuring length, capacity and weight


We then move back to number, looking at odd and even numbers and how to partition numbers in different ways


Spring 1


In Spring 1 we look at direction.

We then learn how to solve 2 step word problems by We were adding and subtracting. We use RUCSAC to solve word problems.

Lastly we go back to shape and look at symmetry.


Spring 2


We continue looking at number in Spring 2. We learn about fractions and recap word problems.

We learn about 'George's Marvellous Medicine' in Literacy so we make our own potions by measuring out different ingredients.

We then recap telling the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.



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