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Zoom Call 'Meet the New Teacher'

In preparation for the next academic year, we want to offer the children the opportunity to meet their new teacher & for teachers to meet their new class. 

Obviously, this year the meetings will be done virtually, with each class holding a 30-minute zoom meeting with their new class. 

All 30 children in one meeting will be very tricky to manage, so there will be 2 meetings with 15 children in each meeting. 

These Zoom meetings will take place during Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st July, timetable for these is as follows:


Rec to Y1 - Monday 20th 9.30am & 10.30am
Y1-Y2 - Monday 20th 11am & 12pm
Y2-Y3 - Monday 20th 1.30pm & 2.30pm
Y3-Y4 - Tuesday 21st 9.30am & 10.30am
Y4-Y5 - Tuesday 21st 11am & 12pm
Y5-Y6 - Tuesday 21st 1.30pm & 2.30pm