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School Games Active Championships

Dear Parents,


As a school we have been invited to participate in the School Games Active Championships via the TopYa! Active app. 


The School Games Active Championships is a national activity campaign to help young people across the UK to stay active and compete using a video based platform.


Primary and Secondary age children can join the championships at any time, with free active challenges being set via videos within a designated School Games version of the TopYa! Active app.


To get involved:

  • Firstly download the free TopYa! Active app.
  • Register as a parent using our unique school code which is [27196]. You will need to give yourself a user name.
  • Once registered, add your child/children to your account (they will also need a user name).  You will then receive an email or text notification that you are all set up ready to go.
  • In order for children to join in the challenges, go to the ‘My Kids’ section of your account and click on the child’s name.  You will then be able to view all of the available challenges.  You can choose any of the listed challenges in any month (April – June).
  • Select the relevant challenge.  Watch the short instructional video before starting. 
  • Children should practice the challenges then submit their best video to receive personal coaching feedback from the TopYa! team of experienced virtual coaches.  Points are earned for the school for each video submitted, which will result in us climbing the Havering leaderboard.  The leaderboard and videos will be displayed via:


The TopYa! Active app is committed to online safety and meets rigorous COPPA and GDPR safeguarding standards.  No one can communicate within the app.  All children can do is give each other a virtual high five which functions like a ‘social media like’.


Video content is suitable for young people of all ages and abilities with regular submissions from National Governing Bodies of Sport.


This is a Havering wide competition.  It would be great to get as many children as possible competing for our school and gives us a way of bringing all children together whether they are at home or in school.


There are now instructions on how to set privacy controls within the app. Some parents my not want their child to be featured on our website so they can turn off the shared function. The video will go to the TopYa coaches to have points awarded, but will not be shown on any public areas. Can you please make sure that parents are aware of this.


The Active School Games Championships will continue until the end of August.  Instructions on how to get started with TopYa as a parent and a school can be found on our website, along with all the unique school codes: