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With the New Maths Curriculum in place at Harold Wood, all year groups have planned engaging, exciting Maths lessons which promote the application of Maths.


Everyday you use Maths without even thinking!  How many occasions have you used Maths today?


  • Looking at the clock to get up.
  • Checking the time to make sure you were not late for school.
  • Setting the timer on the microwave to warm up your breakfast!
  • Counting the steps to school.
  • Setting the temperature on the shower.
  • Counting your buttons as you get dressed.
  • Discussing the distance to school.
  • Counting cars on the way to school.
  • Counting the children having school dinners.
  • Paying for fruit at the fruit bar.
  • Checking your change at the fruit bar.
  • Grouping worksheets for table work.


The list goes on...


Not forgetting Mathletics and your daily Math lessons and challenges!

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