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Year One Blog

The Year One Team have created a blog. We have set up the blog so you can share all of the fun things you have been doing at home, you can upload messages and pictures. If you want to access the blog, click on 'Sharing' (Earth Symbol), then Shared blogs and click on the rainbow year 1 page.  We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

On Purple Mash there are weekly activities (in the 'featured' bar on the right which you can complete as well as any 2do's. 



The BBC are doing daily lessons covering different aspects of the curriculum from Y1-Y10. Here is the link for the Y1 content:

Can your child-

-Do their own coat up?

-Tie their laces?

-Fill up their water bottle (unscrew and do up the lid)?

-Count to 100, forwards and backwards?

- Count in 10s to 100, from any number?

-Count in 2s and 5s up to 50?

-Write a sentence using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?

-Write using adjectives and conjunctions?

-Form capital letters?

-Spell and read the common exception words?

-Spell and read the 100 high frequency words from the Y1/2 list?


  • Count to 100 forwards and backwards and from any number.
  • Count forwards and backwards in 10’s to 100- ext- from any number
  • Count forwards to 50 in 5’s and 2’s
  • Understand how many tens and ones make up 2 digit numbers- 52 is 5 tens and 2 ones
  • Order days of the week and months of the year
  • Tell the time to the nearest hour and then half hour
  • Add and subtract using a number line
  • Money, recognise coins and notes
  • Recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes
  • Half and a quarter of a shape
  • Whole turns, half turns, quarter turns and three-quarter turns


Here are some useful website links for maths games and activities:

Here is a link to the White Rose home learning lessons. These can be printed  off and they come with the answer too!


Sign up your child to The Maths Factor, they have waivered the fee to make it free while the schools are closed!


  • Write sentences including a capital letter, full stops and finger spaces.
  • Extend sentences to include adjectives (describing words- red, fluffy) and conjunctions (and, but, so, because)
  • Look at rhyming words
  • Correct letter formation and handwriting
  • Writing for different purposes- a story, a diary, a poem, a letter




  • Recap the previous words from your child’s yellow book.
  • Look at phase 3 and 4 phonic sounds and practise blending them together and segmenting to help spell. If you want to spell fish- f-i-sh




  • Look at fiction and non-fiction books and talk about the differences between them.
  • Ask your child questions about what they have read. Get them to point to where information is within a book- where in the book does it say the girl is sad.


Please read with your child as many times as you can, these will all count towards the reading challenge. The minimum expectation is 3 times a week.

Here are some useful websites for literacy and phonics:



  • Animals including humans. Look at countries and continents discuss these with your child look at the land and the weather and compare them to England.
  • Look at where different species of animals live. Why do they live there?
  • Create a fact file about a particular species of animal.
  • Look at your family. How are you different? How are you the same?
  • Are all dogs the same? Why?
  • Look at what animal’s eat look at food chains.


Art and DT

  • Make a sculpture
  • Look at paintings by a famous artist
  • Can you do your own versions of the paintings you see?
  • Show your child how to draw people and animals
  • Create a gallery of all of your art work
  • Make pictures with different mediums (paint, crayons, pencils)



PE (Resources across the curriculum) (Resources across the curriculum) (Resources across the curriculum click on 5-7 for Yr 1 aged content)


Have fun!

It is important that you make this experience a positive one and create memories that will last a lifetime;


  • Make dens
  • Create fun challenges
  • Play board games
  • Read together
  • Messy play
  • Complete puzzles
  • Act out your own play
  • Create your own comic
  • Plant flowers in the garden or in pots

As well as the links above, children also have access Purple Mash and TT Rockstars/ Numbots.