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History is the story of humanity. As a concept it is inescapable and is continuous and for many it is absolutely fascinating. From our earliest days, we have defined ourselves through the stories of the past and learned from our triumphs and our mistakes. In terms of the National Curriculum, the programme of study is both very specific and very open. We are to study the history of the British Isles from the Earliest settlers in the Stone Age to the Norman Conquest. We are to look at historical figures and events that have shaped our species and societal development and develop a look at civilisations around the wider world.


However, a key focus that is often overlooked is a chronology and developing historical study as a consistent narrative. My vision for the historical study at Harold Wood is to ensure that historical study is thorough, interesting, and emphasises a wider world context based on what we are studying. In addition, there should be a consistent, chronological narrative around the history that we study. The impact of this will be increased coherence in the minds of pupils as well as an increased fascination and interest.


A study of a wider world context and particularly the interconnectivity of the human race throughout history will strengthen pupil’s interest in the wider world as well as help them to see the links and connections between civilisations throughout history and how that relates to our world today