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In a world where technology is ever changing, we believe that Computing should be at the forefront of education and therefore be integrated into all lessons and extra-curricular activities across the school. This will ensure that every child is not only competent but confident in using computers, iPads, cameras and electronic devices by the time they leave school. It is paramount that children are also aware of how to use these devices safely and responsibly at home and school.


Online Safety should not be taught separately to Computing but be taught seamlessly in the Computing Curriculum. Learning Computing helps to teach skills such as resilience, perseverance, how to research and think outside the box. It creates lifelong learners and helps to prepare children for the world beyond school. Teachers’ knowledge and confidence when teaching Computing is key to ensure that the wide range of technology and uses for computers is taught effectively to impact children’s progress in the subject. Computing should hold as much importance as reading, writing and Maths in the curriculum and every child should have access to electronic devices either at home or school.