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Autumn 2 Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers of Year 4,


The spelling rule we have been revising this week is prefixes. We have been focussing on im, in, ir and il.  During the week we have discussed the spelling objective, revised the use of prefixes and looked at how the meaning of the words change to the opposite meaning. To support your child’s understanding please explore the BBC Teach website - English KS2 - Prefixes. 


On Wednesday the children will be asked to identify the correct prefix to use with a given root word.  For example, the root word may be ‘polite’ and they will need to add the prefix ‘im’ to make the new word ‘impolite’.  They will complete 5 of these followed by 5 of the Year ¾ Common exception words.


These spellings are also now on the Year 4 page of the Harold Wood Primary School Website. 


Thank you for your continuing support and understanding,


Mrs Lutterloch