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Junior Writer's Club


Welcome to the Writer's Club page.


Children in Year 3 and upwards are welcome to join us after school from 15:30 to 16:30 every Tuesday.


At Writer's Club, the children have a chance to:

Practise and refine their writing skills

Learn about the nuances and details of a wide range of different fiction genres

Have help with aspects of writing that they may be finding difficult

Engage with a range of different genres and forms of writing


As with all clubs in the school, there are a limited amount of spaces so children who apply are not always guaranteed an immediate place in the club if we are at full capacity. Instead their name will be placed on a waiting list if they so desire.


At Writer's Club, we thrive in a thoughtful, considerate and creative environment and as such the same rules for other extra-curricular clubs apply to this one.


We hope to be showing some of the exciting pieces of work/activities that we do on this very webpage, so stay tuned for more details.