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Week 10 sh sound spelt ch

SET: 25.11.16


GROUP 1                                                                    GROUP 2                                           GROUP 3

champagne                                                                  machine                                    Key Year 3 Words

chandelier                                                                    chute                                               many

chivalrous                                                                     chalet                                              half

chauffeur                                                                      chef                                                 everybody

charade                                                                        quiche                                             pencil

chaperone                                                                    chic                                                 hour

moustache                                                                   moustache                                      should

crochet                                                                         crochet                                            cost

brochure                                                                       brochure                                         hopeless

parachute                                                                     parachute


Try these activities to help you practise spellings with sh sound  spelt ch: