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Reception – Butterfly Class, Bumble Bee Class and Ladybird Class

Welcome to Reception


Mrs Dhanjal, Miss Sims, Miss Dadswell and Miss Keating

are looking forward to teaching your children this year. Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Polius, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Harkness, Mrs Cullen, Mrs Puncheon, Miss Hawkins and Miss Pitt.


Please put your child's name on everything.

Remember to bring in your drinking water bottle everyday - filled with fresh water, no juice or squash please.

Please bring in a school book bag - not large rucksacks as we do not have the extra room.

Please bring in your child's reading book everyday with the home school contact book.


You can support your children by:

  • encouraging them to talk about what they are learning at school.
  • reading regularly with your child and writing in their home contact book.
  • encouraging them to talk through problems.
  • encouraging healthy habits, healthy snacks and regular exercise.
  • praising them when they do something well.
  • encouraging them to do their homework and hand it in on time.

On 14th June the reception children went to Barleylands Farm for the day. We learned about how the wheat is grown. We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen and  we all made a pizza to bring home. The toppings on the pizza were all grown at Barleylands.  We then went to see and feed the farm animals and had a ride around the farm on the trailer tractor. It was a very enjoyable day out and the children were very well behaved.

The fire brigade came to visit us. They talked about their work and then let the children have a go with the hose.
We enjoyed science week. The children used magnets to find out which objects in the classroom were magnetic and which were not. We explored floating and sinking in the outside area and felt the texture of gloop and how it changed over the day when it dried. We used pipettes to drip water onto blotting paper with felt pen ink and watched how a pattern developed.
We looked at frogspawn and saw how it changed into tadpoles over the week.
Picture 1
We had the visit of Eagle Heights and were lucky to see owls and eagles. Some of the children then had their photographs taken with an owl.
Parents enjoyed a maths workshop in February. In reception children learn through play and many parents came to share different maths activities with the children. Thanks to all the parents who came.

Spanish class

We are very lucky to have a parent of a child in reception who is teaching some of the children Spanish on a Monday lunch time. At the moment the classes are full but the children are enjoying their learning. Many thanks for this opportunity for the children.

Visitors to the school

As part of our work on People who help us, we have had many visitors to the school to talk to the children. We have  had a paramedic, a vet, a policeman, the school cook, a doctor, a nurse and we are still hoping that the fire brigade will be able to visit us. The children loved finding out about these occupations.  We also dressed up as people who help us.

Some photos of these visits are below:

We learned about the Chinese New Year. This year will be the  year of the cockerel. We made lanterns, wrote our names in Chinese writing and played in the role play Chinese Restaurant. We danced to Chinese music in the hall.

For the Hindu festival of Diwali some of us dressed up in Indian clothes. We made a rangoli pattern using coloured sand and made diva lamps out of clay. We enjoy finding out about other cultures.

The gerbils have arrived in class one. They are called Esme and Bella.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We went on an autumn walk in Harold Wood Park. We found that the leaves had turned colour and we found lots of conkers and acorns. Thanks to the parents who came with us to help.