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Our School Governing Body
Our school governing body is a group of elected volunteers from within our school and the local community, who freely give up their own time to monitor the school's effectiveness.  All the members, with the exception of the Head Teacher, are elected to serve a fixed term in office. When a member's term expires, the school will advertise the vacancy and invite candidates to stand for election. Our school staff and parents are then asked to vote for their preferred staff / parent candidate; local community governors are appointed by the local authority.
The role of the governing body is to provide oversight and scrutinise the running of the school. It is an invaluable forum for representatives of all our stakeholders, to decide how to continually improve the quality of our school. 
They are responsible for managing and approving courses of action in the following areas: teaching and learning, the curriculum, staff recruitment, staff training and professional development, policies and practices within school, finance and procurement, school buildings and grounds, health and safety, pupil attendance and welfare and safeguarding / child protection.

Our governors receive specialist advice and support from the Department for Education and the London Borough of Havering Education Authority, to help them in their roles. 


If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors, Mr G Brome, his email is :








Mrs K Armand

Authority Governor

Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Chair)


Focus: Literacy


Rev David Banting

Co-Opted Governor

Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Focus: British Values SMSC


Mr G Brome

Co-Opted Governor (Chair)

Resources and Pastoral Issues

Teaching, Learning and Pastoral Issues


Focus: Safeguarding


Mr A Cullen

Co-Opted Governor

Resources and Pastoral Issues


Focus: Behaviour and Welfare


Mr R West

Co-Opted Governor (Vice Chair)

Resources and Pastoral Issues (Chair)

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Pupil Premium Sub-Committee


Focus: Mathematics


Mr D Waters

Co-Opted Governor

Resources and Pastoral Issues


Focus: Leadership


Michelle Gubbings

Parent Governor

Teaching, Learning and Assessment


Focus: Curriculum


Mr P Westcott

Parent Governor

Resources and Pastoral Issues

Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Pupil-Premium Sub-Committee (Chair)




Kerrie Weston

Co-opted Governor

Resources and Pastoral Issues


Focus: Science


Anne Ling

Co-opted Governor

Teaching. Learning and Assessment and Pupil Premium Sub-Committee


Focus: Inclusion





Mr G Brome (Chair)

Spouse employed by London Borough of Havering

Mr A Cullen


Mrs S Cullen

Spouse of Mr A Cullen





Mr G Brome (Chair)

Chair of Governors at Dame Tipping C of E Primary School

Mr R West (Vice Chair)

Community Governor at Redden Court School (Secondary)




Full Governing Body Meetings

76% Attendance

Full Governing Body Meetings to discuss the Headteacher’s Report

72% Attendance

Resources and Pastoral Committee Meetings

85% Attendance

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee Meetings

82% Attendance

Pupil Premium Sub-Committee Meetings

89% Attendance





  • Revised Action Plan has been embedded & changes maintained following OFSTED Inspection July 2016, covering the main OFSTED recommendations. As a result a vast visible transformation of the School’s culture, including the new vision statement & values, has been achieved.

IMPACT: HMI Review May 2017 confirmed that Senior Leaders & Governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas, viz. consistency of approach, respect, and the learning environment, to become a Good School. Visits by Havering Education Services independent advisers in May 2017 and June 2017 confirmed that “a series of planned actions have been taken to address issues raised regarding SMSC and British Values provision”, and a Behaviour Health Check & Systems Report were carried out in January & February 2018. Monitoring continues to be undertaken by the SLT, Middle Leaders, and Governors and indicates that the actions taken have had a positive impact on Personal Development and Welfare outcomes for pupils.


  • The links which the School has embedded with other schools in the locality to benefit from exchange of ideas etc. and moderation tasks has been strengthened over the last year, particularly with Ardleigh Green Junior & Infant Schools, and discussions continue on the possibility of formalising a MAT arrangement. Several members of the Governing Body have been fully involved in these discussions.
  • IMPACT: The Governors involved are continuing to research ongoing progress in this area, reporting to the Full Governing Body as necessary, so that the Governing Body & Committees can concentrate on day-to-day issues.



  • Budgetary Issues. Previous measures taken removed the historic deficit in earlier financial years but funding continues to be extremely tight. Strong ongoing control by the School and robust challenges by the Resources & Pastoral Committee & Governing Body to minimise expenditure and increase income have been necessary to produce a balanced budget for the present financial year.

IMPACT: The Governing Body through the medium of its’ Resources & Pastoral Committee has been instrumental in assisting the School in control of the Budget.


Pupils’ Attendance. The School continues to struggle to reach its’ targeted attendance figure of 96% on a regular basis. Issues relating to attendance and punctuality have formed the basis of regular discussions at Full Governing Body and Resources and Pastoral Issues Committee Meetings (6 per annum) this year.

IMPACT: Closer and more detailed review of data, and in-depth discussions on plans to improve performance in this area.


Governing Body Effectiveness. A Self-Review of Governance was conducted in October 2017 and is to be reviewed again in October 2018, together with a 360° review of the Chair of Governors and a revised Governors Skills Audit.

IMPACT: Regular self-review of Governing Body performance to ensure its’ continuing effectiveness.


As a result of a Governing Body request, the Headteacher’s regular weekly blogs to staff are also sent to all Governors.

IMPACT: Governors are now fully updated on day-to-day news & issues at the School.

An apprentice is now working in the School Office. The Governing Body were instrumental in persuading the School to obtain value from the Apprenticeship Levy which it is required to pay.

IMPACT: The apprentice has now taken on a number of tasks previously carried out by the School Business Manager, thus creating time for her to deal with more important issues.

A new “Gathering Information” Governor Visit Report Form has been introduced.

IMPACT: The new form is more structured in its’ layout, with sections for discussion with the teacher, with pupils, and to describe the learning environment. “Prompt” questions are also included. There is also a section for further questions/challenge to what has been observed.

GDPR. This important new legislation has received the full attention of the Governing Body; a Data Protection Officer has been appointed (a Business Manager at another School).

IMPACT: Several governors have received GDPR training and it is a regular agenda item on Resources & Pastoral Issues Committee Meetings, where any issues are discussed and challenging questions are asked if necessary. Actions taken by the School to prevent data breaches are reviewed and a Data Protection Governor has been appointed by the Governing Body.

Provision of Additional Space for SEND pupils. The School and Governors have recognised that once the final “spare” classroom is occupied from September 2019, the space previously available to tutor or deal with SEN pupils will be very restricted. Discussions on possible extra demountable buildings have taken place but budget issues are a major barrier.

IMPACT: The Governing Body, in conjunction with the PTA, is in the process of investigating the possibilities of obtaining a grant to contribute towards the cost of the building works.

Progress Review Meetings. Until the School has been re-inspected by OFSTED, these meetings are continuing and there is always Governor representation at these meetings.

IMPACT: Governors present are fully involved in the actions recommended by the LA representative and continue to contribute to decisions made.