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How do people express their faiths through the arts?

Islamic Patterns


These patterns are a type of art found in the Islamic religion.

They can be found inside and outside mosques - the Moslem place of holy worship.

Many Moslems do not think it is acceptable to draw god - or Allah - or any creature, so that is why they use pattern a lot.


We chose colours and looked carefully at the shapes to complete these examples of Islamic art.




Stained Glass Windows


Stained glass windows are found in many places all over the world.

Historically their main purpose was to teach people stories from religious faiths.

They are also designed sometimes to mark a special occasion or to remember someone.









We used a common religious symbol - a cross or a fish - for the centre of our stained glass window designs.

We cut the shapes out of black sugar paper, then stuck the black paper onto a white background. The white shapes were then coloured in using felt pen and put up against a window, the light could shine through.